Satellite Applications Inc.
New York, New York

Satellite Applications offers both the traditional and the latest generation satellite and video
fiber optic transmission technology available.

  We provide both video and data connectivity to or from anyplace on earth
using your choice of codecs, modulation schemes, and frequency bands.  

MPEG-2 H.264 AVC H.265 HEVC


C-band Ku-Band Ka-band L-band

Traditional Technology:

Satellite Trucks and Portable Earth Stations. (Flyaways)
Satellite Bandwidth and Fiber Optic Capacity.
Freelance Satellite Truck Operators and Engineers. (Daily hire)
HD/SD Video FTP.
Site Survey Reports and TVRO Services.

Latest Technology:

Live (real time) Holographic Image Uplink and Downlink Transmission.
Satellite Downlink Encode to Webstream with CDN Support.
Cellular (LTE) and BGAN Bonding for Remote IP.
On Site Web Encoding with Cloud HLS Transcoding.
OTT Channel Creation. (Roku both private and public)
Satellite Spectrum and Carrier Monitoring and Reporting

Contact: (917) 747-3554 (USA 24/7)
Info @ SatAppInc . com

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